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Custom Airliner Models

Gaps in your model collection?

Looking to build or repaint your first model but not sure where to start or if you should dare even attempt such a project?

Modelling is an incredible hobby, but we understand the patience and skill required isn't everyone's cup of tea.  Some things in life are best left to the professionals, and luckily we work very closely with a number of them!  Together we may be able to help with everything from 1/500 diecast repaints to 1/144 plastic and resin kit builds, to complete custom large scale desktop models!  Feel free to reach out to any of our friends below with your requests for a quote any time.  For the most efficient service and best price, don't forget to mention V1 Decals and include as much of the following information in your first email as possible:

-Your name

-Your country and zip/postal code (for shipping cost estimates)

-The model(s) you would like produced including the scale, quantity, and any other specific information such as registration numbers

-Photos of the subject to be modelled (either as attachments or URL links)

-If you would like to supply the model/kit to be built or repainted or if you would like one to be purchased for you.

-The decal set(s) you would like to use either from ourselves or any of our competitors.

-Any timeline or budget contraints

-Any other special requests details you feel may be relevant to the project.

Please note, the process of building and repainting custom models can be a very time consuming, and proportionally expensive project to underake. We recommend all prospective custom model clients be prepared to spend at least $50-$100 for fairly standard repainting services in addition to the costs of the model to be repainted, decals, and any shipping costs.  Many simpler projects can be accomplished for less, but it is not uncommon for clients to invest $150 or more in a custom 1/400 diecast model or over $250+ for larger custom diecast models or kit builds.  All prices are based on US Dollars.

Happy collecting!

-V1 Decals & Friends

Zareh & Peter -, Canada -

For many years we have worked with this duo to produce hundreds of limited edition diecast 1/400 models not found anywhere else along with a number of special one-of a kind models as well.  For many years Zareh has been a leading supplier of 1/400 diecast models for collectors in Canada and around the world, and with the help of master-repainter Peter is well positioned to repaint all types of models while passing on significant savings to their customers through more efficient donor-model acquisition.

Visit the page below for dozens of examples of Peter's work. Many of these models are also only $75 and available to ship immediately.

Airplane Replicas - Custom Models For Sale

Visit the pages below for complete lists of other models available relatively fast and inexpensive.

Airplane Replicas - Custom Models Canada

Airplane Replicas - Custom Models Norway

Airplane Replicas - Custom Models International

Sergio - Tex Models Customs, Italy -

Known as PT-TTA across a number of model collecting forums inlcuding Wings900, Aviation Delight, and DiMA, Sergio of Tex Moldels Customs has specialized in modifying and repainting diecast 1/500 models for 10 years.  In recent years, his production has increased to over 50 custom models per year and has expanded to include self-made resin parts as well as 3D printed models and parts in the near future.

Visit the pages below for hundreds of examples of Sergio's previous works. Many of these models and similar ones cost between $90-$150 and are typically ready to ship within 5-6 months.

Tex Models Customs

Tex Models Customs - Special

Alexander - Modellbau Saar, Germany -

Modellbau Saar is a German company, which is specializes in creating airliner, military planes and airport models for collectors. Also in our range are models of aircraft carriers and helicopters. Because of our expertise which we have gained in recent years, we are able to build highly-detailed models of airplanes and airports, exactly as our customers wish.  In most cases, it is also possible to equip the models with lighting.

We build airliner-models and airports in the following scales: 1/200, 1/144, 1/100 and 1/72. Military planes and dioramas are available in 1/144, 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32. We can build stand-alone models or models embedded in an airport-diorama for collectors which want to show models in a realistic environment.

For examples of our work, like us on Facebook and Instagram, or visit our website where also you can find a shop with our products.  Small-scale repainted models start at $125 and $175 for larger scales. Kit builds may range between $250 to over $500 depending on the model subject and requested level of detail.

Alastair - Aceebee Classic Airline Models, United Kingdom -

For over 50 years Alastair has been perfecting the fine art of building scale model aircraft and specializes in large scale classic airliners but also does an amazing job of more modern subjects as well as military aircraft.  Most of Alastair's models are 1/100, 1/72, or 1/50 self-cast resin models or refurbished desktop models.

Visit the page below for dozens of examples of Alastair's previous works.

Aceebee Classic Airline Models

Visit our Custom Decals page for more information on our custom airliner decal design and printing services.

Are you a professional model builder and would like to advertise here? Tell us about yourself! We'd love to see your work.

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