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About V1 Decals

For over 10 years, V1 Decals has been your source for quality scale model airliner decals from at home and around the world! Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; our catalog features of over 600 laser-printed civil aircraft liveries in all scales with a strong Canadian focus.

Tired of having to apply each window, door, title, and other detail individually? So are we, and our decals come in as few pieces as possible as a result. In many cases, each half of the fuselage will be one complete decal. Our decals are printed using a high definition color laser printer for optimum quality and versatility onto Microscale's Trim Film; the thinnest, toughest, and above all, the easiest decal paper to work with. They also come pre-clear coated and are ready to be cut out and applied right from the package. Spend less time brushing on decal bonder, fighting your decals from tearing or folding onto themselves, or aligning each star of the European Union flag and let us help with your next airliner build.

V1 Decals is committed to working with you to customize our decals just the way YOU want. Whether it be changing a registration number, adding a few special details or titles, or making a complete new livery, V1 Decals believes modelling is all about customization. If we're not too busy, it would be our pleasure to make you that livery only you seem to have ever heard of. Visit our Custom Work page or Contact us for more details.

Best of luck in your modelling endeavours, and we hope you enjoy our decals!


Ben Sweezey

V1 Decals